Tidal Waves

Tidal Waves – As almost all of my tunes, I wrote it at the piano. I was just playing around with an idea I was hearing, when the flow of the music reminded me of the sound of the ocean waves. I focused on that, and that idea became the first 4 bars which inspired the rest of the tune.

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1. 2nd Street Finding Peace
This is a bluesy funk ballad with a backbeat. At the end of the tune there is a three bar phrase vamp that was indirectly inspired by one of Chris’ tunes (Ordinary madness), which has a 3-bar phrase intro. I actually had trouble playing Chris’ intro, so I was playing it over and over, and eventually it got absorbed into my head and came out in my writing.
2. New York State of Mind Finding Peace
This was one of the first compositions I wrote since moving to NY. This tune was influenced by the group of young musicians playing around NY, who were creating a unique style that I never heard before, and that maybe can be heard only in NY. It is often written in odd meters and with a very high energy. When I wrote this tune, I remember I was listening a lot to “Adventure of Bagpuss”, written by Will Vinson, who is probably the musician that has influenced me the most.
3. Tidal Waves
4. Asian Wind
The melody is based mainly on intervals of 4ths and 5ths and to me conjured up an Asian (Japanese) atmosphere. Writing and playing this tune, I was visualizing a Japanese maple leaf tree, with the wind rustling through its leaves.
5. Beyond The Sunset
This tune was derived from the bass line of the A section.
I heard this bassline in my head and the chords came out as a consequence. For the melody, I remember my goal was to write something that was really floaty, so I gave it very few points of rhythmic resolution. When I play or listen to this tune, it reminds me of the times I was with my friends in Isola d’Elba, watching the sunset into the seascape.
6. Flying
7. Feeling Free
When I was a kid I felt like I had all the time in the world – I would read comics and play with my toy cars, or I would play in the backyard with the cat, or just let time pass without any worry of any kind. Looking back at my childhood, I think I am very honored to have had the chance to play with these amazing musicians. All of them compose music that have deeply inspired me. This is why I think they have understood my music so well and have played it with such inspiration. Each one brings his own color and mood – [you couldn’t have accomplished your desired sound without them]
8. Far Away
In this tune, like Asian Wind and Far Away,melody/harmony/rhythm come all together at once. As I developed this tune, I realized that it would fit nicely to have the drums solo and interact along with all the soloists. I love drums, and I like the concept of having a section in which the drummer can free himself every time.
drums: Alec Menge/Kenny Grohowski
bass: Chris Tordini
guitar: David Irelan/Lage Lund
fender rhodes/piano: Frank LoCrasto
piano: Mike Effenberger